• RICE : Mainly South Asian Rice qualities that include Basmati, Non-Basmati, Parboiled & Kainat regular qualities are offered.

  • CORN : From the rich fields of Pakistan we have begun collaborating with farms to yield best export grade corn.

  • SUNFLOWER : Mainly consumed for producing edible oils. Here quality its ensured for both Raw Materials and End produced quality

  • CANOLA : All edible oil processors have acknowledged the true value of Canola i.e. as Raw, Semi & Full processed Edible Oil.

  • SUGAR : Pakistan's key winnings in Sugar is due to its heavy coarse quality of sugar that yields best sweetness compared with any.

  • WHEAT : Pakistan is heavily entwined with Wheat to its core that fuels the nation & at times creates opportunities for Global Trade.

  • ANIMAL FEEDS : Regionally produced Alfalfa Hay & Rhodes Grass plays an key role to animal feed costs to give best sustenance.

  • PULSES, BEANS & LENTILS : Pakistan is a fair venue to market as its import worth has been forthcoming year in and out, positively.

  • RAPESEED : Producers like Australia plays an active role to give balance where consumption of rapeseed is a must in any society.


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